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Frequently Asked Questions

The radiator size required will depend on the size of the room to be heated and the heat loss of the room. You can use our handy heating calculator here.

It’s also important to check that the radiator size suggested will fit in the wall space you have available for it.

Yes, they make a great replacement for storage heaters and will provide the temperature and timing control that storage heaters are missing. Electric radiators do not store heat, but provide the heat when you want it instead. You will need to change from Economy 7 tariff to a standard tariff.

Yes, the brackets are always provided to mount the radiators to the wall. Optionally, castors may be available for some ranges to free-stand. The power required is a standard 13amp and so the electric radiators can either be plugged in or wired in to a fused spur. An electrician may be required to wire in to a fused spur.

The running cost of electric radiators will depend on how much you pay for your electricity, how well insulated your house is, how high you set the thermostat and how many hours per day you need heating. What you can be certain of is that all electric radiators will cost the same to run regardless of the manufacturer, or materials used in the construction.

Electric radiator shop is a leading supplier and able to offer all types of electric radiators direct from stock with next day delivery. Top quality sales and after sales service from our U.K. call centre. Electric radiator shop staff are always available to assist with any queries. We offer the best quality electric heating products available on the U.K. market.

Heating Calculator

Heating Calculator

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Electric Radiators

Welcome to the Electric Radiator Shop. We are a leading UK supplier of modern, energy efficient electric radiators, panel heaters and towel rails from manufacturers such as Electrorad.

We believe that electric is the fuel of the future for our heating needs, as it’s the only heating that can be truly free of carbon emissions. We can see the trend towards the electrification of transport and it must follow that heating too moves this way in order to substantially reduce carbon emissions. 

Electric heating has advanced a great deal in the last 10 years. Instead of only being able to choose from convector heaters or night storage heaters you can now opt for the new generation of digitally controlled, highly controllable, smart electric radiators. These provide the same quality and type of heat you would expect from a gas central heating system and even better controllability.

Electric radiators are the ideal replacement for storage heaters; they’re slimmer, offer better looks, are highly controllable, heat up quickly, give greater comfort and often come with smart controls including Wifi app controls, geolocation and voice control functions. They are powered from your existing electric system and can be supplied from grid electricity or from micro generation, for example photovoltaic solar panels or wind turbines.

Electric Radiator Shop is dedicated to supplying the best electric radiator ranges available at the best possible prices. We have ranges to suit all homes, interior designs and budgets. Our range includes, slimline electric radiators, wifi controlled electric radiators, german electric radiators, vertical, wall mounted, traditional and aluminium electric radiators, plus many more.

Our website is full of all the information you need to decide which electric radiator is right for you, but we also have friendly, knowledgeable staff just a phone call away to answer any questions you might have.

We offer free, next day delivery on all our product ranges and a 14 day money back guarantee.