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Electric Central Heating

Reasons for Installation:

Modern electric heating is evolving, now more than ever to be the most efficient, smart and sustainable system available, giving you many reasons why you should choose electric heating as your preferred choice to warm your home.

Electric radiators are 100% efficient and once (very simply) installed require no maintenance.

Gas central heating is considered to be the cheapest to run once installed and up and running, but to get to that point you need to install a large amount of plumbing infrastructure.

This is a costly endeavour from a materials point of view as boilers are becoming increasingly expensive, and also carries a very large labour bill from the plumber as their costs increase every year.

A gas heating system contains a boiler that heats up water and then pumps it through pipes to radiators throughout the property, leaving a large surface area for issues to arise, including leaks and noise.

Electric heating, however, has evolved into an energy efficient alternative, with all the advantages of previous generations, but with the benefit of newer connected technologies.


The tide is turning and we are slowly moving away from fossil fuels and moving toward reality, supported by a number of crucial factors:

1.  All new homes should meet a minimum EPC level, with the government adhering to stringent targets potentially banning gas from 2025.

2.  Fossil fuel heating installation costs are up to 5 times higher than electric and often have a lower warranty period due to the corrosive and physical nature of the products consumed.

3.  Electric heating technology is increasing in capability such as the recent Lot20 regulations bringing adaptive start, open window and increased efficiency.

4.  The environmental impact of where your heating comes from is increasingly being screened for harm, and this has coincided with the rise in renewable energy powering electric heating systems which are carbon neutral and as positive for the environment as you can hope to achieve.