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Aeroflow Radiators

Aeroflow Electric Radiators

Aeroflow German electric radiators are manufactured in Germany to the typical high standards expected of German engineering. Aeroflow electric radiators are constructed of high grade, galvanised steel meaning they will never corrode and are extremely robust. They are finished with powder coating so will never discolour or need painting.

Internally they have innovative fireclay heat plates to transfer the heat from the electric elements to the radiant surface area. The fluted design creates a large surface area to emit heat while the body stays compact. Both radiant heat and convection heat is produced to ensure warmth throughout your room.

The electric heating controls are built in to each radiator and are LCD digital screens with very accurate electronic thermostat control. Each radiator also has built in 7 day programming, adaptive start ( learning ) function, open window sensing to save energy and radio frequency receivers to allow app control if required. App control using the property WiFi is an optional extra.

Aeroflow electric radiators have an extremely long manufacturer guarantee of 30 years, covering the electric elements, the fireclay heat plates, all internal electric components and the radiator body. The electronic components of the thermostat are guaranteed for 2 years.

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Aeroflow Radiators

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Aeroflow radiators are 100% designed and manufactured in Saxony, Germany. 

The heating core is made of Fireclay ( Schamotte in Germany ). The heating elements are in the centre of the fireclay heat plates

Aeroflow radiators are 100% efficient, so all electrical energy input will be converted to heat without any losses

Running costs will depend on your property insulation and window quality, electricity tariff & how high the thermostat is set

Yes, you can set exactly the temperatures you want for the times you want throughout the week.

Yes, you just need the Aeroflow WiFi gateway to plug in your internet router then you can control your heating from anywhere in the world

They can be used with economy 7 but we don't recommend it. Because the radiators are direct acting and give greater control and comfort, they need to use electricity when required. On Economy 7 the electricity is cheaper overnight but typically more expensive at other times.

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