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Vanguard Radiators

Electrorad Vanguard Electric Radiators

Electrorad Vanguard Aluminium energy efficient electric radiators are constructed in aluminium for lightness and rapid heat up times. Vanguard radiators are finished with powder coating.

The aluminium bodies have been manufactured with the convection air vents at the top to increase the looks and desirability of this product. The digital controls are also at the top to not affect the aesthetic appeal and to make for easier use. Each Vanguard electric radiator has a built in digital thermostat and weekly programming control.

Energy saving features include open window sensing, adaptive start learning function, surface temperature control and energy use monitor. European legislation Lot 20 compliant. Wall brackets are provided. Vanguard radiators can be plugged in or connected to a fused spur.

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Vanguard Radiators

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The body is Aluminium, the heat core is ceramic with embedded electric elements.

Yes, they have a built in 7 day / 24hr programming system.

They are manufactured in Spain.

The runnning costs and energy use will depend on how good your property insulation is, how energy efficient your windows are, your electricity tariff and your thermostat setting.

Yes, they are 100% efficient. This means all of the electricity input is converted to heat output.

They can be used with economy 7 but we don't recommend it. Because the radiators are direct acting and give greater control and comfort, they need to use electricity when required. On Economy 7 the electricity is cheaper overnight but typically more expensive at other times.

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