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Big News: Electric heating is the future! Gas heating to be banned by 2025

Gas heating for new houses will be banned by 2025, the UK government has said, with an exception being made for gas hobs used for cooking.

For Landlords, this means looking forward to the future and adjusting accordingly to any future installations which will have to feature electric heating as the primary source.

The homes will keep warm with devices such as electric radiators, combined with “world-leading” insulation standards which are as important as choosing the correct electric heating system.

The chancellor is trying to address the concerns of children protesting about climate change, and by choosing a 100% efficient heating system, potentially using a 100% green energy tariff you can be part of the solution.

Green groups welcomed the measure but said the Chancellor had ducked major challenges on the climate by not going far enough on other details - they wanted action to cut emissions from traffic, planes and existing draughty homes - which will form the vast majority of the housing stock for decades. This could easily be improved with insulation and other energy saving measures.

If you have gas, oil, or older, outdated storage heaters and are thinking of going electric, get in touch!

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