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The benefits of electric heating versus gas

Benefits to you:

The best style of electric radiator is specific to each building, with some key differences which the expert staff here can go through and help you decide.

It is perfect for smaller buildings with low energy requirements – great for homes, with very manageable energy requirements.

It also helps to reduce the overall carbon impact of a building which is critical for all our green, energy efficient renewable future.


Comprehensive reasons:


Lower upfront costs when building or renovating a home

You can build faster and with greater freedom

No need for gas on site

No need for boiler flues

No need for boiler condensate pipework

No need for service risers serving gas

No heating pipework in the house, which also means a lower overheating risk, and less risk of wastage

Peace of mind

No need for complex billing arrangements – One rate

No annual gas or boiler servicing

Little to no service or maintenance required

Fully individual energy saving controls

Space saving without a boiler

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