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Guarantees – Guaranteed!

When it comes to choosing electric radiators, you can be spoilt for choice. With a multitude of makes and models to choose from, it can often be difficult deciding what’s best for your home.

And, if you’re wanting to update a system that’s no longer fit for purpose such as night storage units and need a replacement quickly it can be easy to overlook one of the basic considerations – the guarantee.

A good guarantee on your electric radiator provides you with peace of mind; both at the time of purchase and whilst you are using the radiators.

It means you can be safe in the knowledge that should your radiators not do what they should then the onus is on the manufacturer to repair or replace it.

But It’s important to always check the small print of the guarantee carefully before purchase. If it doesn’t cover all the electric elements as well as the physical metal structure of the radiator, it should say so.

Check out the credibility of the manufacturer too; are they from a trusted brand name? Does the manufacturer have a strong reputation and established pedigree?

Also, when choosing radiator brands from overseas, it’s worth checking where any guarantee repair/replacement will take place. Can it be carried out in the UK or does the product have to be shipped overseas?

You can be safe in the knowledge, should the worst happen, all the radiators are repaired or replaced here in the UK.

Aeroflow Electric Radiators


The Aeroflow guarantee covers all the integral workings – the elements, fireclay panels, thermal switches and electrical wiring as well as the metal casing, unlike some manufacturers who quote 10, 20 and 30 year guarantees but in actual fact it only covers the radiator body i.e the metal casing.

The only component not included in the 30 years is the thermostat/electronics which are covered for two years, but on the rare chance they may need replacing outside of warranty its a very simple part replacement and, unlike other manufacturers, it doesn’t mean you need to replace the whole radiator. Often other manufacturers don’t offer parts outside of warranty, meaning once the radiator no longer works then its no longer any use to you.

Digi line Electric Radiators

Digi line

Our second longest warranty is reserved for our British made radiators - with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on the radiators body against leaks or manufacturing defects, the radiators have 2 years guarantee on the thermostat and all associated electrical components.

There are stocked spares available to purchase at any time for customers outside of the warranty period, giving that extended peace of mind.

Vanguard Electric Radiators

Vanguard and Vanguard WiFi

Our Vanguard and Vanguard Wifi are covered by a 5 year manufacturer backed warranty, which covers the body of the radiators against corrosion. The integrity of solid core and elements encased within is covered by a two year warranty.

The industry standard guarantee of 2 years on the electronics and associated thermostat is the same for both styles.

Smartpanel Electric Radiators


The Smart Panel, while offering great value, does not skimp on the warranty.

We offer the same guarantee on the heater as we do with our Vanguard radiators - 2 year manufacturer backed for the radiator body and 2 years on the Thermostat and all electronic components contained within.

Towel Rails

Both our Chrome and White towel rails are covered against leaks and failure with a two year warranty covering both electronic component failure and any form of liquid egress.

Wireless Controls

All of our wireless controls offer 2 years of warranty against any manufacturing issues that might crop up, and are replaceable if required. These include:

  • Digiline Touch E3
  • Digiline RF Programmer
  • Aeroflow Gateway
  • Vanguard Wifi Gateway
  • Touch E3 Receivers
  • Touch E3 Thermostats
  • Digiline Repeaters


When you’re preoccupied with choosing your radiators, the guarantee may not seem so important, but it’s worth remembering that what may seem like a great deal at the time may not be all that it appears. Of course, the impact will only be felt when the worst happens – however, that’s precisely when you need the support most.

It is far better to put your trust in a comprehensive guarantee from a reputable supplier from the start and have peace of mind guaranteed.

If you have any questions, you can ring our friendly customer services team for assistance and support.